To improve your digital marketing campaigns, you should consider learning from the best companies to get in touch with the most compelling new trends related to digital marketing. In this article, we aim to inspire you with new digital marketing campaign ‘ideas that you can tailor to your business ‘needs. Shall we!

1. The Nike immersive Reactland experience

Let’s start with a tasty appetizer: the Nike immersive Reactland experience! The “Epic React” running shoe campaign was indeed “epic”. Not only it showed Nike’s expertise in terms of creating running shoes with low injury rates for athletes, but also its genius vision embodied in the immersive Reactland experience. Nike gamified Marketing and combined online and offline advantages inside this experience. Precisely, people are asked to wear The “Epic React” and get on a treadmill. Then the game begins. With a personal Avatar, people are transported into an engaging game, making them experience the product thoroughly, and most of all, HAVE FUN. In the end, they can get a short clip of themselves playing, so they can share it on social media, getting Nike’s product more exposure. Therefore, innovating, engaging customers, and creating a fun experience are valuable lessons to take away from Nike’s case.

2. The Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign

The Always’s “Like a Girl” campaign is another great digital marketing campaign that focused on a social issue. Always addressed the issue of using the “Like a Girl” phrase as an insult in the campaign, which affects teenage girls mentally and reduces their confidence. They addressed another issue, which is stereotypical emojis. According to Always, 67% of women think they imply that girls are limited in what they can do. By doing so, Always showed its customers, which happen to be all women, that they understand what it is like being a woman. The company confirmed its mission of empowering women, which consequently resulted in much appreciation by women. All in all, showing your buyer personae that your philosophy is all about creating a better world for him/her can’t go wrong 100%.

3. The “Alexa loses her voice” Super Bowl campaign

We just can’t skip the giant Amazon Empire case on our list, as it is a magnificent and well-respected company with a sharp marketing team. The “Alexa loses her voice” Super Bowl campaign was simply genius. The ad displays a woman asking Alexa for the weather. Unfortunately, Alexa coughs and loses her voice. Due to the rising concern of customers, the Amazon team came up with the idea of recruiting celebrities to respond to people’s requests. The celebrity list included: Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Sir Anthony Hopkins. But things were far from being under control. “The celebrities were spectacularly failing at their job. Ramsay berates a man asking Alexa how to make a grilled cheese while Cardi B wonders why anyone would want to go to Mars after a teen asks how far it is to the planet.” (

The whole point is to show that nobody can take Alexa’s place, even highly respected and adored celebrities with a solid fan base. What we can take away from this wonderful ad is: that you should reaffirm the customer’s appreciation and awareness concerning your valuable assets.

4. The “Find Volkswagen Passat Ad”

Time for dessert with the “Find Volkswagen Passat Ad”, which is based on a very simple idea that even a small company can apply. The Ad exhibits members of the Swedish ski team trying to find the Volkswagen Passat inside of a snowy forest in Sweden. At the end of the Ad, the Volkswagen team announces a scavenger hunt for that car. The rules are simple: whoever finds it first gets it, and the competition was between January 2 and January 21. The hunters need to find clues inside the Ad and even offline to find the car. Again, it is a very simple way to bring engagement to the brand. Getting all that buzz in exchange for one free Passat is jaw-dropping. So, think about how you can implement it, as people like the chase and free things.

This is our top 4 digital marketing campaigns list. They are indeed innovative and brilliant. Some of them showcase that a simple idea can become a brilliant one, boosting your conversion rates like never before. But there is one thing that you shouldn’t forget: experimenting is the key to success.

Chaimae Larissi
Chaimae Larissi
My name is Chaimae Larissi and I am a discovery enthusiast. Indeed, my curiosity led me into the Digital Marketing World which is a fascinating one. I am also a Higher Institute of Commerce and Business Administration laureate with a Master's degree in Business Administration.

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