Facebook launches Campus, a space dedicated to students

In the age of the Coronavirus, it has become difficult to go to school or university. Classroom courses have been suspended and, as a result, online studies have become commonplace.

In this particular context, Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, recently unveiled a new feature called “Facebook Campus”: a platform dedicated to university students to better help them connect with each other according to their interests. Objective: to facilitate the search for new friends (study groups, sports or cultural clubs) and promote exchanges within their university community.

According to Charmaine Hung, a Facebook employee, the pandemic crisis is an ideal time to launch Campus: “We’ve noticed that many students don’t return to campus in the fall because of the health crisis. All courses are given online, and with this platform, students could easily get in touch with other people who are in the same year of study to discuss. »

This space allows them to ask for advice from classmates, to participate in virtual concerts or to discover new bands.

Facebook Campus offers three functionalities:

A news feed specific to a school or university, which includes the publications of classmates, groups in addition to events ;
A school directory in order to find students from your class or graduating class more easily;
Campus Chats: discussion groups that work like Messenger.

In order to access the campus, students must have a verified university e-mail that will allow them to create a Campus profile.

By launching this platform, Facebook intends to go back to its beginnings in 2004, where the managers declared :

“In the beginning, Facebook was a network reserved for universities, now we are introducing Campus to make it easier for students to find classmates with similar interests in a dedicated section of Facebook. »

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