FACEBOOK: Betatyping improves the creativity and impact of your advertising campaigns.

The biggest challenge for a growth hacker or digital manager is to design digital campaigns that generate engagement, interaction, action and revenue.

These challenges can be met through a process called A/B testing. This mindset plays an integral role in the ongoing search for the best user experience to attract, convert and retain customers.


According to a study by Boston Consultancy Group (BCG), only 60% of organisations have used this process to develop their advertising strategies. Furthermore, only 7% of organisations knew the specific functions and roles of digital marketing and how they contribute to the ROI of all their digital campaigns.

Developing a culture of experimentation contributes to improved marketing performance. This is confirmed by a report published by Facebook which highlights a methodology called Betatyping.

This method answers a crucial question for any business owner who wants to create compelling ads, foster interaction with their audiences, and discover new opportunities. This approach allows you to launch deliberate tests, discover fertile creative areas and promote success. And it does so in 4 essential steps:

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-Ask: hypothesize about what you want to learn and identify the outcome indicators that will determine success.
-Create: design tests and creative elements based on your hypothesis and what you want to learn.
-Learn: analyze the results and information obtained from the tests based on primary KPIs and secondary diagnostics.
-Adapt: Strategically and creatively determine how to implement the results obtained.

If you are not yet convinced, you should know that this method allows you to reduce the cost per ad recall by 15%, the cost per action intention by 13% and the cost per action (CPA) by 26%. All this makes betatyping a very advantageous approach for any company that wants to start digital advertising.

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