Africa: Tour d’horizon to discover and analyze advertising for stock cubes

Faced with the numerous opportunities offered by digital, advertising in Africa has undergone a major metamorphosis in recent years, taking advantage of new opportunities that open up unprecedented perspectives for advertisers, agencies and the media.

More and more, the African culinary heritage is highlighted in advertising campaigns, both through images and text.

In this article, we will take a look at advertisements for the following brands in Africa: Knorr Morocco, Jumbo Algeria, Maggi Nigeria, and Tem Tem Senegal.

“Tem Tem… et ton mari t’aime ! “

In a colourful setting, Senegalese women gather around a carpet to share their knowledge of the culinary arts. Suddenly, a fat woman arrives carrying a pot full of Tem Tem cubes to show the other women the secret that will help them make their dishes taste delicious and please their husbands.

As one of the women is marinating the chicken with the Tem Tem cube, her husband smells it from outside the window and rushes to the kitchen to taste the dish which he finds too good.

The message behind this advertisement is clear, as the Chinese proverb says “The real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Therefore, to seduce her husband, the recipe is simple, just prepare meals with the Tem Tem cube and it’s done: “your husband loves you”.

In order to encourage women to buy the product as soon as possible, Tem Tem sends them a warning, if they don’t and their husband leaves them, they should only blame themselves: “tem tem”, he will warn you…

A spot that lasts 48 seconds and is mainly aimed at the Senegalese people, since the language spoken during the spot is Wolof, the most widespread dialect spoken by 80% of Senegalese. The women wear bazins that recall the Senegalese culture, without forgetting the famous dish “Tiep bou dièn” made with rice, fish and vegetables and some seasonings that only Senegalese women hold the secret.

“Avec Maggi, cuisinez la différence “

In order to celebrate the working woman, a spot was created by Nestlé Nigeria proposing Maggi cube broth as an essential aid to the urban woman.

The spot begins in the kitchen where a young mother is thinking of her next recipe, after she has opened her cupboard which contains a huge pot of Maggi cubes with which she will prepare her dish.

But her work does not stop there. The woman in the picture is seen as a successful woman, excellent at her job, does things right and deserves the applause of those around her.

She is an accomplished woman who has managed to combine her life as a mother, an attractive wife, a strong businesswoman and an excellent cook.

Not only that, she is also a modern foodista who follows the recipes published on the brand’s Instagram account, a demanding and very organised woman, and this is evident when she goes shopping and chooses vegetables with great care.

With a beautiful smile, the woman closes the spot by saying: “I love what I do”.

In order to adapt the message to the English-speaking market, the brand chose English as the language of the spot even though 50% of the Nigerian population speaks Hausa.

” Dites avec Knorr : fière de toi ! “

Taking advantage of the Ramadan period, the Knorr brand produced an advertising spot using an icon of Moroccan cuisine, in the person of Choumicha, a talented cook who has won the hearts of Moroccans with her recipes, inspired by traditional Moroccan cuisine, but also by foreign cuisine.

Sometimes it is difficult to express our feelings, even the most beautiful ones, towards the closest and most intimate people, to show them our love, to tell them we miss them, so we say it through our specialties, our hospitality, all through our dishes that reflect the generosity of Moroccans.

Knorr invites us to explore the richness of Moroccan cuisine, which is not just a list of recipes or a mix of ingredients, far from it, it is a vehicle of communication and expression par excellence.

In order to touch the hearts of all Moroccans, Knorr also invites us to watch the daily programme of a Moroccan woman named “Mi Rabiaa”, a courageous and beloved Moroccan woman and mother who has dedicated her life to her children and who has succeeded in helping her son in his project by preparing 100% Moroccan dishes. Dishes that are appreciated by a tourist clientele that loves them, and all thanks to the Knorr magic cube.

With Knorr, it is possible to share your moments of celebration and joy and above all to express love to the people around you.

“Jumbo, un goût d’amour”

On the occasion of Ramadan, the brand Jumbo Algeria made a commercial in which a woman prepared a pasta dish with a lot of love for her daughter. The daughter prepared a surprise for her: a drawing in the form of a heart made from Jumbo boxes.

The message conveyed by this advert is evocative: the sharing of feelings of joy, love and gratitude towards the family.

In order to win over many Algerian viewers, the brand used the Algerian dialect as a language to convey the message to the target audience.

The adaptation of the communication to the cultural environment is a powerful element present in all these advertisements, respecting the fashion of each country, its culture and its traditions.

Without forgetting also the moments of joy that the African woman was able to create by sometimes playing the role of mother, wife…

The difference between these four advertisements lies in the use of a celebrity in each country. In Senegal, Nigeria and Algeria, you don’t necessarily need to see a celebrity in an advert for it to attract attention. Whereas in Morocco, the Knorr brand did not hesitate to invest and use Choumicha to promote its product.

However, these advertisements still give the image of a housewife without a job, her only objective is to take care of her family’s life.

The stereotypes are still the same: the woman mother, the woman cook, the woman at home.

However, it must be acknowledged that some commercials have evolved to show new aspects of women, constraints and advantages, such as the Maggi cube Nigeria commercial.

This article is an opportunity to thank all women in general and African women in particular, but also to discover the African culinary culture.

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